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A Classic LJ post: April 4, 2002 [Jan. 7th, 2011|06:48 pm]
Step back in time, if you will. It was a crisp April day in the year 2002 and a young blogger named Tony Zaret was working at USA Networks. On the weekends, he and his friends, unfulfilled with their day jobs, made short comedy sketches and tried to get other people to watch them. Sound familiar?

Ahh, but back in those days, we used video tape.
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Golden Four [Jan. 7th, 2011|06:32 pm]
Remember the Golden Four? More like the Olden Four if you ask me. Seriously though, those dudes are really old now.

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2001-2011 [Jan. 4th, 2011|08:59 pm]
In honor of the tenth anniversary of this blog, I'm going to blog again for a while.

Who is still on Livejournal? If you're reading this message, please say hi. (this means you).
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App [Dec. 19th, 2010|04:32 pm]
[Current Location |US, Connecticut, Rockville, Tolland]

Hey the LJ app actually lets you read your friends page now!

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hellooooooo livejournal [Jul. 28th, 2010|10:26 am]
how's everyone doing today?

Hey, my brother and I are trying to sell a TV show. If you know of anyone in "the industry" who could help us out, let me know.

Here's a nice blog post someone wrote about us:

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Cruise [Jan. 6th, 2010|06:37 pm]
Just booked a 3-night Carnival cruise to the Bahamas. It's relatively inexpensive, and it will be warm, and it's not something we've ever done together. All our vacations are to shitty-weather places like Glasgow and Iceland (Iceland was pretty nice, actually, but it sounds like it would be cold.) So will we be the only people on the ship our age, without kids? And who will they seat us next to at dinner. Do they try to set you up with other couples they think you'll get along with?
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move? [Nov. 1st, 2009|10:22 am]
After about 13 years (about a third of my life) in my current apartment, I think we may actually be moving*.

*I'm still in a twitter frame of mind. It's going to take some work until I'm able to write a longer post again.
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hellloooo livejournal! [Oct. 29th, 2009|12:23 pm]
how's it going?
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Golem [Jun. 24th, 2009|08:35 am]
I made this video about the Golem:

The Golem from Tablet Magazine on Vimeo.

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determine my future [Apr. 14th, 2009|09:40 pm]
So, here's my deal: for seven years I did magazine layout for a real-estate publication. The job was easy, but I hated it. I wanted to do comedy/video instead. I quit that job, then had a long-term freelance job in layout. That gig ended, and I decided to make my move, switch over to video and comedy, whatever it took. Then the economy went to shit.

I've had some good video gigs, but I'm not really making enough money to survive. This week, taxes pretty much wiped me out.

I've been looking/applying for jobs, but without much luck. Most steady jobs in TV require more experience than I have.

Today I found a job in graphic design that looks almost exactly like the job I left. It's even at another real estate publication. I am eminently qualified for it, but it also would be a depressing step backwards. And they say it's entry level, which means it won't pay well. Of course, I could take it, and keep looking for video gigs while I was there, but I've always been lousy at looking for work when I have work. I've got a few leads on other job possibilities in the entertainment industry, but nothing I would even come close to banking on. Do I take this job? Do I keep holding out?

Do I take the job?


PS: I have a standing offer, if you get me a job, or tell me about a job that I apply for and get, and they keep me around for a year, I'll give you $500. $1000 if it's awesome.
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