Audible just cut my project. A year of work down the drain. 

Hopefully they'll give me the rights back and I can pitch it other places. But I'm not optimistic about it selling without them behind it. 

What should I do for a living when I grow up?


Ordering lunch every day costs $10. That's $200/month. But packing a sandwich is real hard and also boring.

The solution: frozen meals. They cost $3 or less. They are delicious.

I love my new plan.


How does anyone function on DayQuil? I took a bunch, and I don't feel any less stuffed up, really, but I do feel totally stoned. I'm worried someone is going to ask me a question- I don't think I can be at all comprehensible. What am I doing at work? I should just go home. It's cold out. bloopity doopity doop di doo.